About me

Grzegorz (Greg) Wójcik, M.Sc. in Mechatronics
Silesian District, Poland
30.05.1991, Polish
Resume [PDF]

As much as I dislike talking about myself, this page is a place for it. I am a hardware engineer and embedded software developer. I’ve been focused on electronics development for the drone industry for almost 4 years (2 years academic and 2 years professional). Later on, things have changed, and since 2018, I have been working for the automotive industry as a hardware developer.

When it comes to firmware and embedded software, I’m experienced with AVR and ARM (STM32) devices. I’ve also written automotive-grade code for an automobile ECU based on i.MX6 System on a Chip (Yocto).

From the hardware perspective, I’ve been involved in many multi-layer designs. The most exciting and complex ones were of course for the unmanned aerial vehicles. Working for the automotive industry means higher pressure on cost optimization and design simplicity. However, this doesn’t mean that the work is easier. The designer has to possess an in-depth understanding of every component that is placed in the design.

I enjoy sports such as airsoft, mountain hiking, and boxing 🙂 Among these, the airsoft turned into a business -together with friends we had created a brand called Smart Armaments that has launched its very first product in mid-2020: https://smartarmaments.com/.

One of my hidden interests is blockchain (on-chain analysis in particular). Sooner or later, I will make a project related to blockchain technology & embedded devices.